Singita Sabi Sand

Sabi Sand | September 2011

As I sit down in front of my computer to type this (and let me hasten to add, being in front of a computer is not my favourite place – I’d rather be “out there” looking for leopards!) I am startled by the fact that we are already three quarters of the way through the year 2011.  Where has the year gone?  It seems like just the other day that we entered 2010, the year that South Africa hosted the soccer World Cup.  It also doesn’t seem that long ago that we celebrated the new millennium, and survived the “Y2K compliant” challenges!

Some people wonder why it is that as they get older, time seems to fly by more quickly.  The answer is quite simple.  Every year that passes becomes a smaller fraction of your past experience.  When you turn two, the year that has just passed represents 50% of your past experience, in other words, half your life!  When you turn ten, a year represents 10% of your past experience, and when you turn fifty, a year represents just 2% of your past experience. So September 2011 has come and gone. What does that mean from a Singita Sabi Sand perspective?  What have we seen, and what are we going to see in the next couple of months?