Safari Magic Moments

Sabi Sand | January 2020

As I’m sitting here at my desk contemplating what I could write for the journal entry of January 2020, a troop of vervet monkeys are playing in the branches of a russet bushwillow and peering through my window distracting me.

It’s now dark outside and I just got back from an amazing afternoon drive along the Sand River with guests who had never been on safari before. What I enjoy the most on safari is the sense of surprise and the unexpected. One of my favourite quote is by Ernest Hemingway: “Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual.” We had viewed a couple of elephant bulls feeding on the fallen fruits of a sycamore fig and heard that a pack of African wild dogs had been located north of Boulders lodge, lying in the shade of a large leadwood. As we approached the pack a male leopard walked from the river straight towards us and was sent scrambling up the large leadwood by at least 20 wild dogs, out matched and weary! He laid there for over an hour before the pack decided to head off.

I love these moments on safari where we witness the interaction amongst two species and to capture them on camera is always something I enjoy. I’ve decided to showcase some photos taken on safari at Singita Sabi Sand that display more than one species in the frame.

I hope you enjoy them, and here’s hoping for some more magic tomorrow!