River crossings

Grumeti | October 2019

With the rains coming a little earlier than expected, especially in the catchment area of the Grumeti River in northern Serengeti, we were incredibly fortunate to see a few magnificent crossings along our swelling river. Matt and a few of the guides were able to catch the herds building up on the banks and crossing over in their masses, all heading on their natural migratory path to the southern Serengeti.

Equally impressive have been the great crossings along the Mara River in the northern Serengeti, the vigil often taking up to several hours. The migration is incredibly spread out this year, with many thousands having already passed through the western corridor, and yet as of the last day of October, we are still receiving reports of many thousands still in the Masai Mara and northern Serengeti yet to cross the river. With all of the rain that we have experienced on the Singita Grumeti concession, there is a strong likelihood that we will still see more of the migration moving through our concession in November.