Rhino roadblock

Pamushana | August 2019

What fascinating creatures white rhinos are! They are prehistoric in their appearance but with a gentle nature – most of the time.

Often on safaris into the bush we come across white rhinos in our path. They are gregarious by nature and it is common to see anything from one to several animals together, in what is known as a ‘crash’. Most groups of four to seven animals are usually made up of an adult cow with calf at foot and several young adults that have joined her out of the need for safety in numbers and to have a mentor to learn from.

There are times when these colossal beings will take an interest in the vehicle out of curiosity and approach the vehicle to see what the strange thing, with all its occupants, is about. These rhino roadblocks afford us the special opportunity to witness the curiosity of these animals, often at close quarters. It’s exhilarating to be so near to them that you can hear them breathing!

More often than not they lose interest in the vehicle and move off at their own pace, but every now and then when the vehicle pulls away at slow speeds the rhinos will occasionally follow or shadow the moving game viewer. The feeling you get is like they just want to hang out with you a bit more and study you.

They truly are magnificent!