Reigniting the passion

Sabi Sand | May 2018

It is easy to become complacent in life. You find a routine, something that works, an efficient way of getting tasks done and you get comfortable. You stop challenging yourself and the joy slowly diminishes from what you do. Those of you who have visited Singita Sabi Sand may find it difficult to believe that one could ever get complacent with life out here; being surrounded by nature, wild animals, beautiful sunrises and breath-taking sunsets; if you cannot find the deepest joy in this environment then where else could you find it?

Yet we are all human, all capable of falling into a rut and taking things for granted. I have been very focused on seeking joy in everything around me, in my guiding and also in life in general. I love what I do and I love the environment I get to work and live in and so I have been very content. But one thing I am learning in life is that nothing stays constant, the nature of life is change and too much of the same thing makes Jack a very dull boy.

I was fortunate enough to come across a very interesting gentleman who, a couple weeks ago, opened my eyes to seeing things differently and to challenge the way my tracker and I conducted our guided experience. Without realising it, I had fallen into a ‘rut’. With game viewing at Singita Sabi Sand arguably being some of the best in Africa, it is very easy to please people. We regularly see the ‘Big 5’ and the animal interactions we experience are nothing short of mind-boggling, together with having the most beautiful scenery as our backdrop. We are spoilt beyond measure. (For any guides and trackers reading this, before you confront me with rifles and machetes, I am not for one minute saying our job is easy. Anyone who works with people knows of the challenges we face. Multitasking while on game drive becomes second nature and I know it feels like sometimes we’re trying to juggle the world.) Yet, is pleasing people enough? More importantly, are we pleasing ourselves?

This oracle challenged me and he got me questioning how I could challenge myself. I went on two weeks of leave just after spending time with him and put a lot of thought into what he had said. What I realised, even though I have been very happy with my life, is that by challenging myself I was reigniting my passion. I was so excited to get out on the reserve and see how I could do things differently, see my surroundings differently and experience everything I have become accustomed to, differently. It was as though someone had turned on the light when I hadn’t even realised I was sitting in the dark.

We are so lucky to be able to experience this slice of paradise we call Singita. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I know that by challenging myself and rekindling my passion for what I do out here, I will be a lot happier and that will make for happier guests. So, whether you’re visiting for three days or are here six weeks at a time, find your passion. Do something differently and let it set your soul on fire. There is no better place. This is my challenge to you.