Plenty of fish in the lake

Pamushana | February 2020

One of the activities we offer at Singita Pamushana is fishing. The dam is a prolific breeding ground for redbreast, Mozambique and black tilapia as well as tigerfish and catfish.

While our policy is “catch-and-release” if our ecologists find that the lake is overstocked then anglers can keep some of their catch and the lodge chefs are only too happy to prepare and serve it to guests.

There’s such pleasure that comes from spending an afternoon on the water, doing some bird watching, enjoying a cool drink and having a line in the water. There is such camaraderie when the fish start biting and some are landed! And there’s just as much pleasure in eating what you’ve caught knowing that it has come from a natural and sustainable source.

The fishing is good when the water is warm, and the rule is that good fishing months all have an “r” in them – so February hasn’t disappointed.

Big smiles land on our faces as we land a few bream and a tigerfish.