Our feathered friends

Grumeti | August 2019

We have had some lovely bird viewing this month as always. There are anywhere between 450 and 500 species of bird recorded here in the greater Serengeti ecosystem, depending on what time of year it is. The summer months are wonderful as there are always great numbers of migratory species stopping over or passing by.

Tanzania, as a whole, has recorded a total 1 140 species of bird. This really is nothing short of exceptional when you understand that this is almost half the total number of species found anywhere on the continent of Africa. This currently sits at 2 400 species recorded on the continent. A true testament to the incredible diversity of life, not only here in the Serengeti, but all over the country.

Image order:

  • A northern white-crowned shrike
  • The yellow-throated long claw
  • An impressive kori bustard
  • A female violet-backed starling
  • Comparing vulture species
  • The Von der Decken’s male hornbill
  • Vultures and marabou stork assemble around a carcass