Love at first sight

Pamushana | March 2016

Showing guests an animal they’ve longed to see, but never seen before, is such a thrill. Such was the case with this black rhino.

I love the way he stands behind the fallen tree trunks for protection and safety! A herd of buffalo were also at the scene and eventually the rhino was bold enough to move out from behind the trunks and get a closer look at us – this time using the buffaloes as his buffer!

From the notches on this black rhino’s ears we know it is a male we refer to as “Chivi.” Chivi was the name of a local chief with a somewhat tarnished reputation. As a rule we don’t name animals, but when they are very closely monitored or often seen it makes referencing them easier and more engaging.

If you went looking for trouble and you crested a hill, you would have found it in a herd of buffaloes staring at you, backed up by a black rhino. Fortunately we weren’t, and sat comfortably in the safari vehicle thoroughly enjoying the scene.

As the morning light illuminated the land the black rhino bull wandered off into the thickets for a sense of safety, as much as a need to feed.

The buffaloes staggered to their feet after a night of ruminating and began grazing on the short nutrient-rich carpet beneath them. Their
horn shape is unique to each and it’s fascinating to focus on them. In this photo, one frames another’s eye as the next casts a shadow on its ‘boss’.