Lions of the Serengeti

Grumeti | July 2018

The Butamtam pride, which now spend the majority of their time around Punda Miliea and Nyati Plains are having a bountiful harvest! Each day we find them with several fresh kills and not needing to move very far in search of another. This pride has suffered a dramatic change in their numbers, going from 14 to 4, the reason being that two new males came into the area and took control of the pride, and in doing so they killed all 10 cubs. This is known as infanticide, and new males will do this so that the females will come into heat again and the males can then mate with them and ensure that their genes are passed on and not those of another male. So, throughout the month these males have been mating with the adult females, and in three months’ time we can expect several new litters of Butamtam cubs. We will be changing this pride’s name to Sasakwa pride, as they do not move very far from this area.

The Colobus pride have also been seen on a daily basis, they move between Pelican Pan and downstream of Colobus Crossing. They consist of 5 females and 12 cubs of various ages.

The Nyasarori pride is still camped out along the Raho Drainage, as there is no need to move due to the high concentration of game in this area. Our guests managed to watch them make several kills throughout the month, with the sub-adults honing their skills on the plentiful wildebeest in the area.