Lion cubs

Grumeti | February 2017

We were introduced to some more lion cubs this month. Three of the Butamtam Pride females have had 8 cubs between them. We knew that there was something iffy going on as there was a constant presence of these females on the outskirts of the rhino sanctuary. Sure as anything that was where they were hiding the little tykes.

These cubs are off spring of the Triangle male coalition, who are the territory owners between the Grumeti River and Sasakwa Hill. The Mkuyu Pride also falls within their range and all the older cubs in that pride have been sired by these 5 males.

The Nyasirori Pride and the Butamtam Males have also made up a good portion of the sightings toward the south near Sabora. The nice thing about this particular group is that they have more of a tendency to be together.

On at least a couple of occasions 21 members of the pride were seen together with 3 of the 5 males. 24 lions together…that is certainly not a sighting to be scoffed at!!

For the month, the guides witnessed a total of 118 lion sightings across the property.