Kings and queens of the termite mounds

Grumeti | January 2020

With the very heavy rains over many months the Grumeti Reserve can be compared to an ocean of grass. This make life tough, not only for the prey species, but for the predators too.

Out of the grasses and up upon the termite mounds is where you will find the cheetah these days as they survey the lands for a potential meal. We have been so privileged to observe these incredible cats out in the open like this as they move from one area of high ground to another, maintaining a vantage point whereby they may keep track of their quarry’s movements.

We have had some fantastic photographic opportunities with these sleek cats as they sit up high and proud with the morning light shining down on them and the pristine wilderness backdrop that the Grumeti Reserve offers.

Cheetah numbers remain stable here on the reserve and sightings over the years have been very good. During the drier months we find that resident cheetah will focus their attention on the short grass plains where there are great concentrations of their favoured prey. However, with the grasses long and plains wildlife dispersed, these cats will move greater distances in the pursuit of existence.