Grumeti’s September Gallery

Grumeti | September 2019

A look into the Grumeti’s September Gallery:

  • A Nyasirori mating pair on the high ground close to Nyasirori Dam.
  • A mating pair from the West Pride.
  • Butamtam lioness with youngsters on Sasakwa Hill.
  • A Ridge Hill lioness look onto the grasslands from above.
  • A well-fed male lion.
  • A Raho cheetah feeding at a wildebeest calf kill, west of Sabora.
  • The Sasakwa male cheetah, east of Sasakwa Dam.
  • Cheetah on the Grumeti grasslands.
  • Wildebeest look on as this male Cheetah marks a desert date tree.