Glorious mud

Sabi Sand | November 2016

With the jolly season upon us, we cannot help think the wildlife think the same about a muddy bath or the downpour of rain. As we watch them frolic in the mud for various purposes there is enjoyment within their actions.

A walking trail allows for you to engage in your senses and with the muddy water about the reserve it would mean the unlikely residents may stay longer in the muddy pools, much like this hippo bull below. He was clearly not happy to be disturbed as we rounded a corner in the Land Rover and discovered that he resided in a pool of mud in the middle of the road.

Rhinos don’t spend long hours bathing in the mud but they will enjoy a good roll in the mud from side to side to cover as much of their body as possible, often sitting in the muddy pools. Scratching the dry mud off their skin will provide the opportunity for ticks or any other unwanted parasites to be removed.

As we gather for the festive season, an opportunity arises to reflect on what makes us happy and count our blessing for what we have, even if they are described as being as glorious as mud!