Game drive stories as told by guides

Grumeti | August 2020

Story told by Musa:

On an afternoon game drive, I took Sabora drainage downstream to Mbuni crossing. On reaching Nyasirori drainage I started driving upstream while scanning for a leopard. I saw a sub-adult elephant under one of the big Kigelia trees, feeding on sausage fruits. I allowed my gaze to travel up the tree and it met the gaze of a big male leopard resting on the tree’s branch, while the elephant fed underneath. It was about five hundred metres away! I switched off my vehicle and pointed it out to my guests. It was so exciting that one of them shouted out joyfully. I drove close to the sighting and we started viewing both animals at once in the same place. The sighting was awesome – elephant feeding and the leopard resting with neither being affected by the presence of the other. What a wonderful sighting it was and the memory of a leopard resting in the shade while an elephant fed from the same tree will live with me forever!

Story told by Nico:

On a February morning this year, I drove from Faru Faru with four guests in my vehicle. I took River Road heading towards German bridge. After driving for about a kilometre I came across a breeding herd of buffalos walking down to the river to drink. We stopped there and watched them for sometimes. As time went by, one by one buffaloes started leaving the river. Just as the last animal, which was an old female, was about to walk out a pride of lions appeared from nowhere and attacked her. They pinned her down but to my amazement they did not go for a throat bite to kill her. They sat around her for almost 20 minutes then, one by one, stood up and left her alone. She also stood up and went back to the river. This drama left us confused about what had happened. We later concluded that the old female buffalo was not worth eating or to waste their energy on killing. This was an astonishing moment that I will never forget. Nature is full of surprises and will never stop amazing us.