Fragile dinosaurs

Sabi Sand | September 2019

As we experienced World Rhino day this month, which was on the 22 of September, we highlight the awareness of the importance of the specie.

Rhinos are considered to be bulky prehistoric animals, well worthy of attention. With the two prominent rhinos species remaining in southern Africa, the decline of the rhinos due to poaching has hit an alarming number. Poaching epidemics were always noted several years ago, but with the recent surveys based on the recorded rhino carcasses that have been found, the decrease in the population has hit record lows in the species scattered throughout Africa. Fortunately, there is a candle of hope that is flickering and beaming its glow. Anti-poaching task forces are attaining positive results and deterring poaching in areas where their presence is extremely strong. With their regiment of day and night patrols they facilitate strong protection for the rhinos. With Singita’s help of preserving large tracts of land for future generations, this too has allowed conservation to come to these protected areas. This will be an ongoing mission and as Africans we continue to aim to preserve what we have. So, the next time that you view a rhino in the wild, think of the candle of hope and add fuel to it, by spreading the word of the plight of rhinos and the protection they require. The only place for a rhino horn is on a rhino. With their gentle nature and large presence, it is a specie that should be thriving in freedom of being illegally hunted.