Day trip to Gonarezhou

Pamushana | June 2018

One of the activities we offer is a full day trip to our southern neighbour – the Gonarezhou National Park. It is a massive area covering in excess of 5 000 square kilometres. ‘Gonarezhou’ means ‘place of many elephants’ and some of the largest-tusked elephants in Africa may be found here. We invariably stop at Chilojo Cliffs for lunch, where a 13 kilometre sandstone rampart, of different coloured rock strata, rises 200 metres above the floodplain of the Runde River.

On our day trip we viewed lots of kudu, nyala, elephants and zebras. The cliffs were spectacular and the weather was perfect for the trip. On our way back we spotted a pride of five lions at the Singita Pamushana turnoff.