Capturing the moment

Sabi Sand | January 2017

Is there really an isolated moment that would sum up an entire safari experience? What would yours be?

I have thought about this on a few occasions. We have the ability to freeze ‘one moment’ that could be considered the isolated experience that will stick with us forever. It is hard to imagine that only one moment would be singled out, generally with most stories there are a number of elements that make up an unforgettable experience. As a photographer, I can recount many opportunities that captured that winning image that would be relatable to this question. However, when we reminisce on a few days spent in the bush, many guests would agree that it is not just ‘one moment’ but a number of experiences that inter-lead into one another that make a true tale to tell.

As many guides will agree, we live in a wilderness paradise, our career paths are not stress related, they do not demand technological advancements in knowledge and typing skills are ongoing with training when sending reports or writing long letters to loved ones explaining why you are not moving to the city and how you would prefer watching an open fire rather than a TV.

There is however a thought that lingers in our minds as guides and I will let you in on the secret… it is “will I meet my guests’ expectations?” Can I deliver that one moment that will be unforgettable? I have realised that we do it naturally, our love for sharing our knowledge, our love for the outdoors and our love to be doing what we love only adds to the “one moment”, the other elements evolve into the overall experience. These are all derived from so many attributes to a guest’s stay at Singita – to name a few, the staff, the food, the dining events, the accommodation, the feeling of being welcomed to your home away from home.

After experiencing many of the Singita properties due to work-related projects, I would often walk away thinking that the experience that I just had was by far the best. This trait is Singita and we look forward to delivering many moments that all our guests will look back on and return to enjoy.