Black rhinos bathing

Pamushana | January 2016

I couldn’t help showing off the reserve when fellow guides and staff from another Singita property came to visit us. I took them for a drive on my favourite route through varying habitats that includes at a dam at the foot of an amphitheatre of sandstone outcrops. I could scarcely believe my own luck when we spied a buffalo and two black rhinos at the water’s edge. Keeping absolutely mouse-quiet we were able to park on the far side of the dam, and watch as these two black rhinos drank, then waded into the water to wallow. For extra effect a pair of fish eagles flew in and the drama was at its zenith when a storm rolled in whipping lightning and crashing thunder all about.

After lying down and blowing bubble in the water, the loudest crack of thunder sounded that seemed to split the Earth in two. Even these battleships found it too intimidating and took cover, as did we in an attempt to beat the rain that followed.