The beauty of Mother Nature, a lioness and her three cubs

Sabi Sand | May 2019

This was one of the most interesting and heart-warming drives with a phenomenal sighting. We were on a morning drive with Mother Nature, where beauty is always more profound.

On this drive we came across one of the largest cats, basically a walking arsenal, its dagger-like claws and large sharp teeth accompanied by bone crushing jaw muscles as well as ferocious brute force and strength, all make this large African cat the apex predator, the king of the jungle, the mighty lion.

Meeting this small royal family of a single lioness and her young cubs was a touching experience. Even for a powerful creature such as this beautiful lioness it is never simple raising young cubs. She has to leave them alone to go and hunt for both her and them, and protect them from other territorial lions and other dangerous animals. Lions live in prides, but when a lioness gives birth she normally leaves the pride and looks after the cubs on her own until they are big enough to be safely introduced to the rest of her pride. A pride’s strength is in its ability to survive as a group and distribute roles for hunting and security.

To find her cubs healthy and playful shows her strength and ability as a mother. My guests were so thrilled and fascinated by this beautiful family of four lions, and learning more about their behaviour.