Aqua elephants

Pamushana | April 2017

We watched the most enjoyable scene of two fun-loving elephants play in the shallows of Malilangwe Lake. We were on the sundowner cruising boat, so had a unique perspective from the water.

It seems as though the games began with a mutual salute before the splashing, squirting and dunking began.

Then when the second elephant showed signs of bowing out gracefully, we were included in the game. This bull elephant repeatedly slapped his trunk across the top of the water, causing wonderful waves and spray. It was so clear he was having a great time, and we laughed in delight at his infectious joy.

Then when his friend left the water he really stepped up the show for us. He demonstrated the funniest back leg kicks while simultaneously swatting the water with his trunk. Come to think of it, it could have been a new Aqua Pilates move. The stage was his and he was showing off in spectacular fashion with melodramatic bluster!

Zooming in with my largest lens the expressions on his face were clear. He was loving every moment of his game, the cooling water, soft mud underfoot and the attention of a very appreciative audience.