Africa at its best

Pamushana | August 2018

We enjoyed a bit of a slower morning start on our last day, where guests tucked in to a tasty cooked breakfast before heading out. We located eight lions near the Chiredzi River, resting up but providing us with some great photo opportunities as they cleaned themselves near the vehicle. While we were enjoying the lions, I saw elephant tracks from a breeding herd, so when we resumed we set out to locate the herd. This resulted in us needing to abandon the vehicle and foot it through the bush to a strategic location on the riverbank where we enjoyed some incredible viewing.

From our spot, we enjoyed watching a herd of around 20 elephants in a breeding herd cross the river, mud bath and trumpet at hippos. We also had a bull elephant feeding off to our other side, hippos grunting and playing in front and all the while ten massive crocodiles were displaying courtship behaviour nearby, not to mention the white-fronted bee-eaters swooping over this lot catching butterflies! This was a bit of Africa at its best. On getting back to the vehicle we drove off and, a short distance away, we saw a bull buffalo resting under a bush.