A time of plenty

Grumeti | May 2017

A time of plenty for our lion prides across the concession as they make the most of having an endless supply of wildebeest passing through their territory. A total of 122 sightings of lions during the month.

The Butamtam Pride has got seven new members, with two females introducing us to their new cubs during the month – one female with four cubs and the other with three, which takes the prides numbers to 21. There are six females and 15 cubs aging between 1 month – 12 months, which make for some fantastic viewing. With there being so many mouths to feed the females are forced to make kills several times a week.

Over the last week of the month one of the Butamtam males was seen mating with the youngest adult female in the pride, so again we can expect the pride numbers to grow.

The Nyasarori pride is strong and stable, with no new members as all the adult females currently have cubs. They are spending the majority of their time along the Raho drainage line as all the herbivores in the area congregate in the area for water.

The west pride, who’s territory is along the Raho drainage west of our Explore camps are becoming a regular sighting for our guests in that area. The pride consists of two males, six females and nine cubs. They were seen recently with six wildebeest carcasses in a single day, so they are making the most of having the migration in their territory.