A Spotted Bush Snake

Grumeti | February 2020

The Spotted bush snake is probably one of the more common species found in many parts of its region. A very well adapted and subtle snake that disappears into its surroundings incredibly quickly. A pretty snake that may take on slightly different appearances depending on geographical location. 

This species is seen regularly here on Sasakwa hill and if your lucky you may just have a chance to spot it. 

This snake is not venomous and is completely harmless to humans. It has rather a distinctive eye with a lovely golden iris with black pupil. Keep a look out for its electric blue tongue with black tip as this is a nice indicator for identification. This snake spends much of its time in trees and shrubs and is an excellent climber. 

The spotted bush snake feeds primarily on Geckos but will take small Chameleons, other lizards and frogs from time to time. This is a diurnal snake, active during the day and may be found soaking up the sun’s rays in the surrounding shrubs first thing in the morning. 

A great little find as you walk the gardens of Sasakwa lodge, absorbing the tranquil beauty of the incredible views and the many colourful flowers and birds.