A special nest of eggs

Sabi Sand | July 2019

These are the big eggs of an ostrich that we spotted on one of our morning game drives. We spotted her in an open area and she then disappeared into long grass near where we saw a big elephant bull.

As we drove toward this big bull my tracker, Reazert, spotted the ostrich lying down. We watched as the elephant bull moved toward the direction of the ostrich, and then the hen left her nest and we spotted these eggs.

If you look closely three of the eggs are pure white and the other one is light white. If you touch that one, it is soft as she only layed it recently. They have the biggest eggs of all birds and it takes two days for the hard-shelled eggs to form in the female, usually 24 hours for other birds’ eggs.

The eggs can weigh between 800g to 1 500g. The shell is 2mm thick and the eggs have the capacity of 24 chicken eggs. The ostrich eggs take about 42 days for incubation and a female can lay 40 to 60 eggs per year.

We hope to see ostrich chicks soon!