A sea of green

Grumeti | March 2017

Green season is finally upon us, with steady rain falling throughout the month of March, the plains are a sea of green. We seem to be going into our long rains, which typically fall from March through to May, and this year they were very well received. Much of Tanzania has experienced a drought as the rain patterns have varied from previous years, as we said in previous reports. November, December and January were particularly dry, making life tough for all our grazers and browsers. But with the onset of our rainy season the animals are experiencing some relief as the plains are now lush and green, with and abundance of water.

With the rainy season we do experience a slight drop in animal numbers, this is due to the animals now being able to spread out over the concession and not having to be concentrated in areas where there is suitable grazing and water. That is not to say we have not had some incredible sightings this month. As per usual our predator sightings have been spectacular, with several successful hunts being witnessed. The wild dogs have also been seen regularly towards the end of the month and, by the looks of it, the alpha female is pregnant so hopefully we can expect a litter of pups in the near future.

With it being the rainy season we have seen a drop in guests visiting the property, which is a shame but those guest willing to travel during this time are spoiled for choice as to which sightings to go and see, due to the lack of vehicle movement across the reserve.