A mother and her young girls

Grumeti | January 2020

The leopardess of the Grumeti North Hill and her two daughters have provided both guides and guests with some sensational viewing this month.

It has been a real privilege to watch the two cubs grow from strength to strength over the last four and a half months.

The mother certainly has her paws full with keeping her two daughters fed well, and she has not disappointed. She has regularly killed both impala and Thompson’s gazelle and successfully hidden the kills in the thickets or hoisted them safely into the tops of the trees for the youngsters to feed from without threat from other predators.

On occasions she has also killed warthog piglets and grey duiker and she continues to do an incredible job of keeping her youngsters safe and well.

Whilst mother is off hunting, we have often seen the two daughters playing together on a termite mound or something of the sorts, honing their skills and working on their balance. What a pleasure!


Pictures by George Tolchard & Emma Wilson