A martial’s curse

Grumeti | April 2019

It was a beautiful morning as I drove the Raho drainage area with my guests when we noticed a large martial eagle that seemed to be showing considerable interest in a small group of white storks. The white storks were feeding on the edge of a pool on the drainage line.

We stopped the vehicle and watched the eagle as it circled above. The white storks did not appear to have noticed the threat from the skies when all of a sudden the martial eagle dived. With lightning speed the eagle sped through the sky and descended on a stork with such power and ferocity that it stunned us all!

The blow from the martial eagle literally stunned the stork and the eagle carried it a short distance away. However, the stork still had life in it yet! But, after a short wrestling match it was clear that the stork was no match for the eagle and with a powerful talon placed in its neck the stork’s life ebbed away.

I had never witnessed this method before from a martial eagle, it was incredibly interesting. A truly incredible sighting.


Image by Bernard Hosea