A lion’s life

Grumeti | June 2020

Meet one of our Nyasirori male lions. He belongs to a coalition of three males and these three hold the territory, protecting the lionesses and youngsters within it from other lions and other predators that may potentially be a threat to them.

These lions are in peak condition, at the height of their reign and have sired many cubs with the Nyasirori lionesses.

A lion’s life is by no means an easy one. From a young age, a male lion leaves the natal pride, sometimes with a brother or two; sometimes alone. On their travels they may be lucky enough to team up with other males that are potentially in the same situation. Having left the pride at adolescence they would have a distinct advantage if they were to band together as ‘brothers’, however, not all are so lucky.

At the adolescent/young male stage these lions are not able to compete for or hold their own territories. They must remain quiet, under the radar, and not draw any attention to themselves. The territorial males of a particular area are always on the lookout for intruders that may be of a potential threat to them, their lionesses and their cubs. The young males must exist in a hard world with no particular place to call home. They must hunt for themselves, they must stay alive and gain strength month by month and year by year.

Eventually, the lions that have survived these tough times and are strong enough may have the opportunity to challenge other lions for a territory of their own and the possibility to mate with lionesses and have the opportunity to continue their own bloodline.