Singita Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park | July 2013

Leopard Update

Over the last month we had a total of 29 leopard sightings, but what was impressive was not the number of sightings, but rather the quality of sightings that we experienced. The Sticky Thorn female, with her two cubs in tow, is moving back onto the concession. Her return is as a result of most of the water drying up just beyond our concession in the west. Here we have permanent pools of water like the N’wanetsi River and Gudzane Dam. These permanent sources of clean drinking water attract prey species in drier times, and with prey species concentrated in one area you can be sure that predators are close by! One sighting that stands out in particular of the Sticky Thorn female and her two cubs was when they were feeding off an African rock python that she had caught and hoisted into a large leadwood tree. It made for outstanding leopard viewing! Another relaxed female who made a good few appearances was the Xikhova female, and what really excited us about seeing her was the fact that she looked to be nursing some cubs as well! Although we haven’t seen them yet it’s a very exciting time, as we wait with baited breath for the first sign of her new fur balls. What is so evident about the concession at the moment is the fact that we’ve reached the stage where we have a number of relaxed adult animals of different species, which means when they produce another generation, their calm demeanour is imparted to their young.

Download the full wildlife report here: Singita Kruger National Park Wildlife Report July 2013