Wildlife | January 2016

Creatures Great & Small: Picasso Bug

If ever there was a creature that was the perfect complement to the vibrant colour palette of Singita Pamushana Lodge, then the Picasso bug is it! This living objet d’art…
Banded mongoose at Singita
General | June 2015

Creatures Great & Small: Banded Mongoose

Most safari enthusiasts who have spent some time out on game drive will be familiar with the sight of a small, furry creature darting into the undergrowth as the vehicle…
Mopane moth | Singita Kruger National Park
Wildlife | April 2015

Creatures Great & Small: Mopane Moth

Southern Africa is home to a very interesting tree that is host to an even more interesting insect. The mopane tree grows in hot, dry, low-lying areas and has distinctive…
Leopard tortoise at Singita
General | December 2014

Creatures Great & Small: Leopard Tortoise

My partner, a tracker named Johnston, is quick to spot wildlife and fun… With his hand raised to stop the vehicle, we stare at his movements and look in the…
Giant snail
General | September 2014

Creatures Great & Small: The Giant Snail

With the green vegetation sprouting along the roadsides and over the grasslands, creatures from large to small are on the move. A few days ago, and within minutes of leaving…
Flap-necked chameleon at Singita Grumeti
General | May 2014

Creatures Great & Small: The Flap-Necked Chameleon

Chameleons really are funny little creatures! Did you know that, besides being masterful at camouflage and having tongues roughly 1½ times their body length, chameleons can rotate each eye in…