Experience | February 2020

Reframing the Romance of a Bush Honeymoon

Undiluted space and time are intrinsic to the unique romance of a Singita honeymoon, and give newlyweds the rare chance to appreciate the luxury of simplicity without everyday demands, clutter…
Lodges and Camps | July 2019

Experience the Allure of Singita Ebony & Sweni Lodges

At Singita’s lodges in South Africa – a collection of five luxurious properties dotted across two of the country’s most beautiful and prolific wildlife reserves – guests experience the quintessential…
Serengeti Green Season
Experience | October 2017

Discover the Serengeti: A Year-Round Destination

For many, the idea of the Serengeti landscape conjures visions of endless golden grasslands and the stark outline of dry, thorny scrub. This is indeed one face of this vast…
Singita Serengeti House
Lodges and Camps | August 2016

Stay a Little Longer – On Us!

Make the most of a visit to our “Place of Miracles” with one of these fantastic promotions, many of which allow you to combine visits to multiple lodges to get…