Conservation | May 2018

An Unbreakable Bond

Scientists Rentsch and Packer estimate that between 97,796 and 140,615 wildebeest are killed illegally by poachers in the Serengeti every year. In addition to the off-take of plains game such as…
Conservation | January 2018

Meet Singita’s Elite Anti-Poaching Task Force

For the Grumeti Fund‘s Special Operations Group, an elite task force within the anti-poaching unit responsible for protecting Singita’s 350,000-acre concession in the Serengeti, the day starts long before sunrise.…
Singita Grumeti Fund - Anti-Poaching and Law Enforcement
Conservation | November 2017

Keeping a Watchful Eye on the Serengeti

Monitoring and protecting 350,000 acres of land is no mean feat for the Grumeti Fund‘s (GF) anti-poaching unit. 120 highly trained game scouts patrol the concessions around the clock, based…
Anti-Poaching Unit, Singita Grumeti
Conservation | July 2017

Security for the Great Migration

The Serengeti-Mara ecosystem in Tanzania supports the most diverse migration of grazing mammals on earth. As anyone who has witnessed this spectacular wildlife event will tell you: it is almost…
Singita Grumeti | Conservation | Anti-Poaching
Conservation | May 2017

Using Technology in the Fight Against Illegal Hunting

Maintaining the integrity of our reserves and the fragile ecosystems that exist within them is the primary concern for Singita’s conservation teams; a dedicated workforce tasked with preserving the vulnerable…