For many of Singita’s guests, the team that takes them into the bush every day is a huge part of the precious memories they will form on their visit. These skilled and experienced field guides and wildlife trackers share their knowledge and trivia with guests, as well as their enthusiasm and good humour, making every game drive an entertaining and educational experience.


Robert (L) and Time (R) on a bush walk at Singita Pamushana

Time Mutema and Robert Mudimba, who worked together at Singita Pamushana Lodge recently, share a profound and meaningful connection with the historic biodiversity of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, the 130,000-acre property in which the lodge is found. Together, they take guests on twice-daily game drives, where they are likely to spot a great variety of wildlife, including species such as sable, cheetah, wild dog, lion, leopard and an abundance of bird life.


Time and Robert enjoy any outdoor activity, and their favourite part of the job is exploring the wild on foot and “edutaining” guests. Their combined knowledge of the area and its flora and fauna is considerable, and means that they are able to delight visitors with information about the amazing animals they see, as well as amusing stories and local legends from their years in the bush. Time is particularly in awe of Robert’s ability to not only identify any spoor they might come across, but also quickly establish its age and how far away the animal is! Time says: “Robert is an accomplished tracker who is able to read the signs of the wild like nobody else.”


As well as going on game drives, the duo is also responsible for taking guests on guided safari walks, visits to the ancient rock art sites in the reserve, fishing on the dam, stargazing and sunset cruises. A typical day begins before dawn, when they prepare the game vehicle before meeting the guests at 05h30 and setting off on the morning game drive or bush walk. Mid-morning is prime fishing time, so they can often be found out on the dam with guests, trawling for tiger fish, bass and bream. After lunch, they get ready for the evening game drive, revealing the elusive magic of nocturnal Africa before returning to the lodge for dinner.

Singita Pamushana Lodge, Zimbabwe

Singita Pamushana Lodge, Zimbabwe

If you’re a longtime reader of the Singita blog, then you’ll be familiar with Time Mutema, who was the first staff member to be profiled in our #SingitaStories series. Time is a fully certified, professional field guide working who grew up fishing and birding with his Watch the video to see more of his story. 

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