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Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills and is situated just south of the equator. Most of the country is located on a plateau, around 1,500 metres above sea level. Rwanda’s relatively high altitude provides it with cool nights and a pleasant tropical highland climate throughout the year, although there is also plenty of rain. The rainfall is often during the night or the early morning hours. Light cloud cover during the day helps to moderate the temperatures, but also occasionally brings light rain showers.

Rwanda has two rainy seasons per year with its long rainy season lasting from about March to May, when the rain is heavy and persistent, usually in the form of downpours or thunderstorms. June to mid-September (sometimes October) is the long dry season. September or October to November is generally the second, shorter rainy season. It is followed by a short dryer season from December to February. 

Rwanda can be visited at any time of the year and gorilla trekking is a year-round activity. The average temperature at Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House is approximately 15 degrees Celsius, although humidity can be high.


Suggested Clothing and Gear:

  • For trekking one should have: boots with good grip, gators, gloves, waterproof jacket, thick socks, thick pants to protect against stinging nettles, long sleeved tops.
  • For the lodge one should have: pants, long sleeve tops, t-shirts, a warm layer for the evenings, closed shoes, a swimming costume.
  • Comfortable walking shoes/track shoes/hiking boots for walks.


Clothing and Gear Available for Use:

We have a variety of technical gear and clothing for our guests to use during their stay at Singita Kwitonda and Kataza House. The items are all designed for outdoor hiking and wet weather, perfectly suited for trekking to see gorillas or other animals in Rwanda. Backpacks including a waterproof rain cover for backpack (camera equip)

  • Mens and ladies waterproof jackets with a removable inner fleece lining and hood
  • Mens and ladies water-resistant hiking pants
  • Hiking chaps in two sizes  (gators)
  • Hiking poles with extendable options and grips
  • Gloves for use during hiking to protect hands from thorns and mud
  • Trekking lunch boxes which will hold freshly made lunches chosen by the guests – all eco-friendly packaging
  • Singita water bottle

* Please note this equipment and clothing is not for sale and only for guests to use during their stay,  at no charge.


  • Important note: the use of drones is strictly prohibited throughout Rwanda. Luggage is checked on arrival in Rwanda and drones can be confiscated at the discretion of customs officials.

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Singita Volcanoes National Park

Tucked between Tanzania to the east, Uganda to the north and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Rwanda is a remarkably small country nestled in a 10,169-square mile pocket of land brimful of high-altitude forests and shimmering lakes.

Singita Volcanoes National Park

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Conservation at Volcanoes National Park

Aligned with our mission to preserve Africa’s most vulnerable landscapes for future generations, Singita’s primary motivation for operating in Rwanda is to play a role in the conservation of this critically endangered species and its natural habitat.

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Before or after a trek, gazing up at the forested slopes of the volcanoes, guests will be imbued with a sense of awe, excitement and gratitude - a journey of a lifetime, which Singita cannot wait to reveal.

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