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As the rhino population dwindles toward extinction and elephant come under increasing pressure, the price of rhino horn and elephant tusks are rising, making the illegal poaching of these animals ever more lucrative and therefore costlier to protect. The poaching crisis, unfortunately, has to take funding priority over normal conservation work like research, alien plant control, etc. At the same time the increasing human population in Africa means that our community efforts have to keep pace to justify the conservation of wilderness areas that would otherwise be needed for agriculture.

To achieve our purpose of protecting large areas of African wilderness we need partners – people who are concerned about the future of conservation in Africa and who would like to become partners in, or adopt, a specific project in one of our regions. We can always do with additional anti-poaching capability such as dog and handler canine teams, infrared camera traps, spotter aircraft, etc.

In our community work we could do so much more – invite additional students through our community culinary school or sponsor more early childhood development programs, set up more small businesses in the community and build more environmental training centers.

If you would like to become a partner in a project or take on the funding of a project entirely, please contact us for further information and a list of possible programs you could become involved in.

Singita provides the management of these conservation and community projects at no cost to the funder so all the money goes straight to the cause you select.