It’s considered a very good day in the bush for most wildlife enthusiasts if they manage to spot a rare or elusive animal. It’s also very exciting to see babies in the wild, so to combine both into one sighting is a real highlight for our guides and guests. This is exactly what happened on a recent game drive in Singita Pamushana in Zimbabwe, when field guide Jenny Hishin came across a family of highly endangered African wild dogs and their pups.

Wild dogs at Singita Pamushana

The importance of a sighting like this is better understood when you learn that there are only an estimated 6 600 adults left in the wild. Habitat degradation, disease and human persecution threaten to wipe out these highly intelligent and social animals. The fact that they are breeding in the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve and its surrounds is very encouraging. This litter was born during the winter to the alpha pair in the pack, in the shelter of a rocky area of a sandstone ridge, where they have then been safeguarded by the other members of the group.

Wild dogs at Singita Pamushana

The 130 000 acre reserve in southeastern Zimbabwe offers endangered animals like the African wild dog a pristine habitat in which to flourish. The role of Singita Pamushana Lodge is to help foster the sustainability of the wildlife and broader ecology in the region, while each guest who visits makes a positive impact to this incredibly beautiful land and dynamic community.

Wild dogs at Singita Pamushana

Our monthly Wildlife Reports are a source of delightful photos and anecdotes, and a great place to keep up to date with news of the wild dogs and other wildlife on Singita’s properties. You can also visit our site to find out more about conservation at the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, which is home to Singita Pamushana Lodge.

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