In most families, it’s not unusual for certain members to be awake at 5am on Christmas Day, bursting with excitement for the fun and feasting ahead. It’s no different at Singita, although guests awake at 5am on Christmas morning are usually up for the morning game drive! Besides some wonderful wildlife spotting, the festive celebrations at our 12 lodges and camps take a fairly traditional form; visitors and staff gather around the Christmas tree to open gifts, pop open a few bottles of bubbly and then enjoy a meal together as the Singita family.

Merry Christmas from Singita

As Christmas falls during the summer months for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, most guests head to the pool after lunch and spend the afternoon swimming and sun-bathing. It’s an altogether relaxed affair, and a totally unique and unforgettable celebration for our visitors from afar. We hope that your day too is filled with joy, laughter, fine food and delightful company, and we wish you all the very best for the forthcoming year.

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