For South Africans of a certain generation, there is one digestif dessert that is synonymous with lively dinner parties and special occasions. A retro-classic cocktail from the 1970s, the Don Pedro has unclear origins but it was a hugely popular after-dinner drink and is a throwback to much a simpler culinary culture. Kicking off a series of cocktail recipes on the blog that use coffee as the star ingredient, we’re giving a mocha twist to this vintage tipple.

Singita Boulders Lodge, South Africa

The Copper Bar at Singita Boulders Lodge, South Africa

In its original form, it is a boozy combination of whiskey, cream and ice cream, although plenty of variations have been invented over the years. In this recipe by Singita Sabi Sand barista and mixologist extraordinaire, Kyle Martin, the traditional recipe is given an indulgent update by swapping out vanilla ice cream for scoops of hazelnut and chocolate gelato, and replacing the whiskey with coffee liqueur:

Dom Pedro at Singita Boulders Lodge, South Africa

INGREDIENTS: (makes 1 large serving)
For the drink:
2 shots of Kahlua (coffee liqueur)
6 scoops of hazelnut & chocolate ice cream

For the garnish:
Thick (whipping) cream
Chocolate (to grate over the top)
A chocolate stick

1. Whip the cream for the garnish until thick and pillowy and set aside
2. Combine the ice cream and Kahlua and blend until smooth (we use an immersion or stick blender but you can also use a countertop smoothie blender)
3. Pour into a stemmed glass and garnish with the whipped cream, some grated chocolate (or you could use cinnamon) and a chocolate stick

Kyle Martin at Singita Boulders Lodge, South Africa

Kyle Martin, Singita Sabi Sand barista and mixologist extraordinaire

There are a number of recipes for delicious drinks on the blog, including a tropical Coconut Mojito served at Singita Sabora Tented Camp in the Serengeti, and Singita Sweni Lodge‘s Lemonade G&T. The “cocktail recipe” tag on the blog is a great place to find some inspiration for adding some Singita flavour to your next party.

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