| September 2020

Singita Kwitonda Lodge Orchid Project 

This unique initiative aims to establish a comprehensive collection of indigenous orchids from the region. Set to leave a lasting legacy, the conservation collaboration with Michael Tibbs (an internationally renowned…
| September 2020

Akarabo Nursery & Garden – Rwanda

Since 2017, Singita has worked closely with neighbouring communities to restore previously forested areas that were cleared as former dairy pastures and agricultural lands around Volcanoes National Park. The reforestation…
| March 2019

Lionscape Coalition

Singita has joined forces with three of Africa’s other leading ecotourism operators to launch The Lionscape Coalition. Together with &Beyond, Wilderness Safaris, Conservation Travel Foundation by Ultimate Safaris, Asilia Africa,…
Singita Kruger National Park
| March 2018

Anti-poaching Technology

The current escalated levels of desire for high-value wildlife products such as rhino horn, elephant ivory, lion bone and pangolin scales has driven the illegal hunting of these and other…
Singita Grumeti Canine Anti-Poaching Unit
| October 2017

Grumeti Fund Canine Unit

Protecting the western corridor of the Serengeti from the threat of illegal hunting is a critical part of the Grumeti Fund’s role as custodian of this fragile ecosystem. Having worked…
| July 2017

Rhino Conservation and Anti-Poaching

Under the constant watchful eye of Malilangwe’s anti-poaching team populations of both black and white rhino species have grown significantly over the last 18 years.
Singita K9 Anti-Poaching Unit
| July 2017

Anti-poaching Canine Unit Sabi Sand

Since showing up on the radar in 2008, the current rhino poaching crisis has continued to escalate, becoming one of the most pressing conservation issues of the 21st century. At…
Wild dog reintroduction at Singita Grumeti
| July 2017

Wildlife Reintroduction

The Grumeti Fund has been instrumental in funding, translocating and reintroducing a number of endangered and locally extinct wildlife species to both Grumeti and the wider Serengeti ecosystem. The Grumeti…
Anti-Poaching Unit, Singita Grumeti
| July 2017

Grumeti Fund Anti-Poaching Unit

The vast majority of poaching incidents at Singita Grumeti involves commercial bush-meat poaching, however, elephant poaching for ivory is a constant and increasing concern.  The Grumeti Fund combines cutting-edge technology…