Without having seen it for yourself, it’s difficult to imagine what 350,000 acres of nothing but rolling grasslands, lush riverine forest and low-slung hills dotted with acacia trees looks like. The landscape at Singita Grumeti stretches uninterrupted to the horizon in every direction over an area of nearly 550 square miles, giving literal meaning to the Serengeti’s Maasai name of “endless plains”. This vast wilderness is home to a year-round abundance of Africa’s most iconic animals, as well as two exclusive-use Singita properties offering very different but entirely complementary private safari experiences.

The wide-open spaces of Singita Grumeti – a private conservation area accessible only to our guests – give travellers extraordinary seclusion, and the space to reconnect with nature in the company of loved ones. Singita Serengeti House and Singita Explore, both of which form part of the Singita Private Villa Collection, cater exclusively to groups of family and friends, each with a dedicated, full-time staff, including a chef, host, field guide and private game vehicle. Every aspect of the experience is dictated by the guests, allowing you to craft your own itinerary around your interests and the mood and pace of the day.


Book three nights at Singita Explore followed by two nights at Singita Serengeti House and receive one of the nights at Singita Explore complimentary. Find out more »


Singita Serengeti House
Nestled at the foot of a gently-sloping hill overlooking the grassy plains, this secluded, exclusive-use property is the ideal location in which to disconnect from the world and find sanctuary in the total tranquility of this near-endless wilderness. Purpose-built as an environmentally-sensitive private retreat, this elegant and comfortable villa offers a wonderfully laid-back way to experience the Serengeti.

Singita Serengeti House

Its subtle and restrained design embodies sophisticated off-the-grid living, with a calming neutral palette of sun-bleached blonde, beige and grey that brings the grassy plains indoors. Natural fibres, such as grass jute matting, pale polished-cement floors, local stone and raw timber add pleasing texture to the boldly African look, which is complemented by the luxurious comfort of the home’s four, generously-proportioned guest suites. The list of private, on-site facilities available just for you and your party includes a clay tennis court and pavilion, a 25-metre rim-flow lap pool with a view of the waterhole, a fully-equipped, glass-fronted fitness centre and a luxurious tented wellness suite; endless opportunities for every kind of rest and relaxation.

Singita Explore
In contrast with stone-clad Serengeti House, Singita Explore is a classic tented safari camp that returns guests to the golden age of discovery. The camp’s khaki-coloured canvas tents are as romantic as they are practical, featuring en suite bathrooms and luxurious interiors whose quintessential design is combined with contemporary touches in line with the impeccable standards for which Singita is well known.

This quintessential wilderness offering includes dining under the stars, sleeping under canvas, cooling off in the camp’s inviting plunge pool and a level of closeness to nature that heightens the sights, sounds and smells of the bush. Immersing guests in these unique surroundings – an iconic landscape that has been returned to its natural, untouched state through decades of tireless conservation work – has a grounding effect that offers a fresh perspective, time for healing and repair, and the opportunity to reconnect with the undeniable power of nature to bring us back in balance.

In addition to the inherent solitude and exclusivity of the experience at our private villas, our collection of individually-tailored long-stay packages fulfil the needs of travellers seeking undiluted space and time in which to nurture their most important relationships – their connections with loved ones and the natural world. These tailor-made packages offer safe travel through small, quiet or private airports and helipads with appropriate runways and aprons to accommodate private jets and charters. Minimal touchpoints, dedicated airline crews and other thoughtfully-considered logistical details make these carefully-curated itineraries the perfect solution to family and group travel in this new, uncharted time.

Each a remarkable way to see the Serengeti with those who mean the most to us, in combination, these two private safari options are the ultimate expression of the new way to travel. The intimacy of exclusive-use, the stillness and serenity of an immense private wildlife reserve to explore on one’s own terms, and the luxury of service that is both intuitive and discreet affords guests the time and space to be reset and renewed; to find their way back to life’s simple pleasures and most meaningful moments.

The wildlife experience at Singita Grumeti is second to none. Its expansive plains are traversed by the Great Migration for a few months every year, while the green season brings with it an emerald sea of dense vegetation and flowering plants that attracts grazing herbivores and their ever-present predators. Lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, wildebeest, zebra and more are regular features of guests’ daily excursions into the bush, giving them but a small glimpse of the incredible abundance of wildlife that thrive in the protected area.

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