Together, South Africa’s Kruger National Park and the adjoining Sabi Sand Reserve make up some of the most breathtaking wilderness areas in the country. The natural beauty and abundant wildlife of this region is carefully protected by skilled conservation teams, making any safari here richly rewarding for travellers. With five award-winning Singita lodges between the two reserves, all sitting in private concessions, guests have the ultimate exclusive safari experience here.


The Sabi Sand is a privately-owned game reserve known for is verdant, riverine landscape and exceptional leopard activity. It was here in 1993 that Singita’s founder Luke Bailes established Singita Ebony Lodge on family-owned land along the Sand River, creating the first in a new breed of luxurious but sustainable safari experiences. He knew early on that the key to preserving this land and all its inhabitants was to combine a high-end hospitality offering with an amazing wilderness experience to support the conservation of natural ecosystems; a philosophy which is still in place at Singita today.

Singita Ebony Lodge, Sabi Sand, South Africa

Guests at Singita Sabi Sand have access to 30,000 acres of this incredible wildlife sanctuary which shares an unfenced border with the world-renowned Kruger National Park. Together the two areas make up one of the richest natural habitats for indigenous flora and fauna in Africa, and one of the most iconic safari destinations on the planet.

Singita Ebony Lodge is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the classic safari lodge and neighbouring Boulders Lodge is a celebration of tranquility, space and light, using walls of glass where areas aren’t already open to the elements to connect guests with the raw beauty of Africa. At Singita Castleton, an exclusive-use lodge that is ideal for families or groups of up to 12 people, rustic farmhouse charm combines with the luxury of extensive high-end facilities including a private swimming pool, wine cellar and tennis court.

Singita Boulders Lodge, Sabi Sand, South Africa

Singita Castleton, Sabi Sand, South Africa


A short plane hop to the northeast, on South Africa’s border with Mozambique and in a 33,000-acre private concession within the Kruger National Park, sit Singita Lebombo and Sweni Lodges. Both built to “touch the Earth lightly”, embodying Singita’s philosophy of minimising its environmental footprint, these striking lodges are set in an isolated piece of pristine wilderness. The area has a reputation for its remarkable concentration of the “Big 5” as well as a number of formidable prides of lions who roam the dramatic landscape, characterised by outcrops of rhyolitic rock and enormous euphorbia trees.

Singita Lebombo Lodge comprises 13 suites that give guests a front row seat to the Kruger National Park with open plan rooms suspended above the river. An additional private-use villa set apart from the main lodge features two family suites, each with a private pool, that link together to create a spectacular four-bedroom offering with a stunning shared swimming pool.

Singita Lebombo Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Singita Sweni Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa

After undergoing a transformation in 2017, Singita Sweni Lodge is an equally striking interpretation of modern African design. The décor draws from the iridescent sheen of bird feathers, butterfly wings and beetle shells to create a rich and vibrant colour palette that complements the contemporary architecture of the buildings. The lodge’s small size – just seven elegant suites – and position enfolded by the boughs of ancient trees on the banks of the Sweni River gives it an intimate atmosphere and offers guests a more profound connection to the landscape. Sweni Lodge is a celebration of sophisticated and sustainable design for the new generation of safari lovers.

The conservation of Singita’s wilderness areas fall under the care of non-profit funds and trusts which are responsible for the day-to-day management of the land. This dedication to maintain biodiversity, demonstrate respect for the environment and assist local communities to thrive is what makes a Singita safari a unique and unforgettable experience. Surrounded by a diverse number of wild animals flourishing in their natural habitat, guests find an easy understanding of the importance of these protected areas and gratitude for their continued existence.

Experience the best of both with our exclusive promotions that combine nights at Singita’s Sabi Sand lodges with time at either Lebombo or Sweni in the Kruger:

  • Best of Both: Book a combination of two nights at Singita Ebony or Boulders Lodge and two nights at Singita Lebombo or Sweni Lodge and receive one flight per person between the lodges complimentary. Find out more »
  • Sabi Sand/Kruger combo: Book a combination of three nights at Singita Boulders or Ebony Lodge and three nights at Singita Lebombo or Sweni Lodge and receive one of the nights and one flight per person between the lodges complimentary. Find out more »
  • Ebony/Sweni lodge combo: Book a combination of five nights between Singita Ebony and Sweni Lodge and receive one of the nights and one flight per person between the lodges complimentary. Find out more »

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