Caring for vulnerable animal species and their natural habitat is a huge part of any conservation effort, but in order to be sustainable in the long-term, this approach needs to be augmented by support for local communities and environmental sensitivity. Singita’s definition of modern conservation echoes the close association between these elements, combining to form an eco-friendly tourism model that supports ongoing conservation projects across Africa.


One of our partners in achieving our vision to preserve and protect wilderness areas for future generations is One Planet Living, a framework produced by UK-based Bioregional, which assists with the planning, communication and delivery of sustainable development projects. One example of this partnership in action is Singita’s work with advanced water systems brand, Vivreau, and the introduction of purified drinking water dispensers at our various lodges and camps. One region at a time, we’re working to eliminate the need for the transportation and packaging that comes with bottled water. We’re already seeing great results.

10 Principles of One Planet Living

The 10 Principles of One Planet Living

At Singita we recognise that conservation of wilderness areas also requires us to run sustainable tourism operations on our properties. We believe it’s the responsible way to maintain and extend the sustainability of our wildlife reserves, and every operational decision we make revolves around this philosophy. Find out more by visiting our website, or browsing the Conservation tag on the blog.

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