For many, the idea of the Serengeti landscape conjures visions of endless golden grasslands and the stark outline of dry, thorny scrub. This is indeed one face of this vast ecosystem, but it can also be a shimmering, emerald sea of dense vegetation and flowering plants; the summer “green season”.

Serengeti Green Season

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Christmas falls towards the beginning of this lush period, when this part of Africa receives brief, sporadic thunderstorms that drench the countryside with life-giving rains, and give rise to new growth for local flora and fauna. Mornings are cool and fresh but heat up into long, balmy days; perfect for relaxing by the pool, enjoying an afternoon nap or catching up on your reading in the shade. The rain brings with it a refreshing breeze, easing you into the early evening and another spectacular sunset through the retreating clouds.

Serengeti Green Season

Singita Lamai

The views from higher ground, like the hill on which Singita Sasakwa Lodge is built in the Grumeti Reserve, are spectacular, and make for some stunning photographic opportunities. Game drives are packed with thrilling sightings, as newborns abound throughout the Serengeti and the warm weather attracts thousands of resident and migratory birds – carmine bee-eaters, rollers, cuckoos, skimmers, weavers and bishops to name but a few. Along with the colourful birds and plenty of baby animals is an increase in smaller but no less fascinating creatures like butterflies, moths, fireflies, frogs and toads.

High tea at Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Christmas in Africa is something truly special, but experiencing it in the Serengeti during the “green season”, with its spectacular, verdant landscapes and incredible wildlife sightings, is something totally unforgettable. Together, Singita Grumeti and Singita Lamai make up nearly half a million acres of pristine wilderness in Tanzania, offering guests an unparalleled safari experience across six unique lodges and camps.


Singita’s primary goal in the Serengeti, and every region in which it operates, is to protect the land and its wildlife in a sustainable manner, through environmentally conscious hospitality and the empowerment of local communities. Contact our reservations team to find out more about visiting this amazing corner of the world and contributing to its conservation for future generations.

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