Singita Privatvillen-Kollektion

A tranquil, intimate hideway

Africa’s most breathtaking private villas – surrounded by nothing but nature

Featuring eight exclusive-use homes in Africa’s most sought-after sanctuaries, this tailormade collection provides the utmost privacy, comfort and seclusion for friends and families who long to reconnect with loved ones and share restorative experiences in nature.

Your private retreat in the heart of the bush

Your private retreat in the heart of the bush

Comfortably spacious interiors and furnishings invite complete unwinding, while sweeping decks stretch deep into the natural surrounds. Framed by unhindered views of the continent’s most sought-after locations, the villas provide continuous connections with Africa’s magnificent wildlife and wilderness.

The relaxed freedom to tailor each day to your liking

With a full staff complement that includes a private host, chef, housekeepers, butlers and Field Guides – as well as private safari vehicles – mealtimes, activities and daily itineraries can be personalised at every turn.

8 unrivalled locations offering the simplicity of unfiltered space & time

From the vast plains of the Serengeti to South Africa’s riverine forests and iconic bushveld, and from Zimbabwe’s rugged sandstone ridges to Rwanda’s majestic Virunga Mountain Range – the Singita Private Villa Collection welcomes you home to your place in Africa.

Singita Private Villa Collection.
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Featuring eight exclusive-use villas in Africa’s most pristine wilderness settings, this coveted collection is designed for friends and families who want to celebrate their most precious connections surrounded by nothing but nature.

AllGrumetiSabi SandKruger National ParkMalilangweVolcanoes National Park
AllGrumetiSabi SandKruger National ParkMalilangweVolcanoes National Park

At Singita, conservation is our passion and purpose

Over the past three decades, our far-reaching commitment to safeguarding the continent’s wildlife populations and wilderness areas – as well as creating economic independence within communities living alongside them – has seen us implement strategic partnerships with non-profit Funds & Trusts in each of the regions in which we operate.

Conservation encapsulates an interdependent relationship between three critical components: Biodiversity, Community & Sustainability. They are all integral to our model, as we believe Africa needs large and meaningful projects to move the needle.

Focusing on biodiversity conservation, wildlife management, meaningful community partnerships, a commitment to sustainability and treading lightly on the Earth, our strategic partnerships with non-profit Funds & Trusts help to protect unique ecosystems, recover critically endangered species, ensure no further extinction, benefit neighbouring communities under our care and contribute positively to the reduction of GHG emissions through our climate commitments.

“Singita caters to growing sectors of the market, including families and groups of travellers looking for exceptional experiences. These exclusive-use properties offer travellers the ultimate privacy and space as they experience the uniqueness of Africa.”

– Luke Bailes, Founder & Executive Chairman of Singita