Safeguarding South Africa's Remaining Rhino

Safeguarding South Africa's Remaining Rhino – Helping to Save a Species

The relentless poaching of rhino continues to escalate across the continent – particularly across the Greater Kruger National Park region of South Africa, which is home to more than 80% of Africa’s rhino populations. As organised crime syndicates keep changing their tactics, more than 10,000 of these magnificent animals have been lost to poaching in the past 10 years.

Singita and various conservation partners have been actively involved in rhino conservation and protection for the past 30 years, and in supporting the Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT), we remain steadfast to ensure the survival of the species.

Regional efforts include re-introductions, the formation of safeguarded new satellite populations in areas where rhino were previously extinct, translocations, and rewilding across the region.

Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park are two key high-density areas in South Africa. Our aim is simple: to make our areas of influence the most undesirable, most difficult and least profitable places to poach any species, especially rhino. Our APU field rangers and canine units operate with relentless dedication and commitment – 24/7, 365 days a year to safeguard the wildlife in these areas.

To stay one step ahead of the escalating poaching pressure, it’s necessary to continuously upgrade the technology and infrastructure used by these anti-poaching teams – especially their nighttime monitoring equipment.

Our efforts have proven to be highly effective: we have good rates of early detection and follow-ups on incursions preventing poaching on the property, and no rhinos have been lost on our properties in the past five years. And yet, this is a fragile achievement, as the pressure remains relentless and poachers’ tactics are ever-changing – which requires sustained 24/7 vigilance and ever-increasing resources to hold the line.

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Safeguarding South Africa's remaining Rhino - Helping to save a species


Conservation Partner

Singita Lowveld Trust

In South Africa, the Singita Lowveld Trust manages a wide range of conservation projects in Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park – from anti-poaching initiatives to wildlife research & land management, sustainability efforts and community developments projects such as early childhood development, digital learning and a world-class culinary school.

A highly skilled team of tracking dogs and handlers enhance anti-poaching efforts in the Sabi Sand Reserve, while the Trust’s partnership with the global conservation NGO Panthera has shown that the area is home to the largest density of leopards of any protected area surveyed in South Africa. The Panthera’s Furs for Life project – of which Singita is a partner – has reduced the demand for leopard skins with 50%, and Singita is also a strategic founding partner of the Lionscape Coalition, supporting the Lion Recovery Fund’s goal to double wild lion numbers by 2050.

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