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Community Partnership Programme

Grumeti - Tanzania

Community Partnership Programme

Singita is in partnership with the Singita Grumeti Fund, which ensures that donations are channelled into communities adjacent to the reserves and into various conservation initiatives. The fund’s Community Partnership Programme team, supported by Singita, has invested time, commitment, energy and expertise to support community projects in the Serengeti and Bunda districts.

Initiatives include providing access to fresh water, support for small agricultural businesses and various education and farming projects. A core programme, requested by local communities during the early days of involvement in the area, was the provision of clean, drinking water. Today, 36 boreholes provide fresh water for household use and are in the process of being handed over to the communities for their management. Going forward, the Grumeti Fund and Singita aim to focus on more modern approaches to water management, such as rain-water harvesting and the protection of natural springs.

Adult education has been a key focus, with an emphasis on training and support for small agricultural businesses. These enterprises include vegetable gardens, a nursery, sunflower-oil production, fish and pig farming, poultry projects, egg production, bee-keeping and the growing of cash crops. This is helping to create self-sustaining jobs, provide alternative sources of protein and ensure the existence of model small businesses which can be replicated within local communities.


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