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Community Partnership Programme

Grumeti - Tanzania

Community Partnership Programme

Singita’s wide-ranging community partnership projects in Tanzania, through the work of the Singita Grumeti Fund, focus on education, rural enterprise development and environmental awareness.

Community Outreach Programs assist the local population in realizing their development goals.  We work with more than 20 villages in close proximity to Singita Grumeti.  Together we enhance access to quality education, teach environmental awareness, promote responsible natural resource management, and support the establishment of small enterprises.  Our presence in the communities builds relationships and strengthens partnerships, while addressing shared concerns.


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Environmental Education Centre

Our focus on education extends to the environment and the critical role each individual plays in minimizing their impact on the earth’s limited resources.  Singita Grumeti Fund is actively increasing awareness among local students at its Environmental Education Center (EEC) by running residential, week-long courses for students from secondary schools bordering the concessions.  Twelve students accompanied by their teacher are exposed to critical environmental issues such as deforestation, soil erosion, waste management and water conservation that affect each and every one of them.

A week at the EEC also gives these local students and their teachers the opportunity to live in nature and experience first-hand their natural heritage.  Despite living in such close proximity to Grumeti, for many, this is the first time they get to view and appreciate wildlife up close.

Upon completion of the EEC course, these students return to their local schools and communities where they become agents of change: the catalysts for developing conservation clubs, planting indigenous trees, addressing soil erosion and tackling many other critically important environmental issues.



  • 1 000+ students engaged in school environmental clubs
  • 2 000+ students and teachers have studied at EEC to date


Enterprise Development

Enterprise development is supported by the Singita Grumeti Fund in order to boost the local economy, with benefits flowing to the wider community.  With Singita and other local lodges providing a reliable market for products and services, there are innumerable business opportunities to be developed within communities surrounding the Singita Grumeti concessions.

Singita Grumeti Fund provides support in the form of technical training, business skills development and access to low-interest financing to create sustainable, environmentally-friendly businesses.   Thriving businesses supported by the Fund include honey production through beekeeping, egg production through poultry farming, the sale of cooking gas (LPG) and a lucrative farming co-operative.

Honey Production Through Beekeeping

Beehives provide multiple benefits including a source of income from honey production, an incentive to protect wooded areas, and even help to address human-elephant conflict with the bees functioning as an effective buffer to elephant incursions into farms.

SUCCESS: 1 000 beehives distributed to schools and families since 2010

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Vendor

By increasing access to gas cookers and LPG cylinders, households are able to reduce their dependence on firewood from local forests.

SUCCESS: 685 households using LPG instead of firewood for cooking

Poultry Farming

Local entrepreneurs have been supported to develop poultry farms, providing chicken and eggs to lodges and the community.

Farming Co-operative

A large-scale farming co-operative known as GHOMACOS supplies the lodge kitchens with a constant flow of high quality, locally grown vegetables, herbs and fruit.

SUCCESS: GHOMACOS generated $280,000 in 2016 for its 71 members

Bursary Programme

The Singita Grumeti Fund is enhancing the quality of education provided to youth from local communities to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue rewarding and successful careers.  Support is provided in the form of scholarships for secondary school, vocational studies and education within the conservation and tourism sectors.


For hands-on experience, scholarship recipients are paired with a mentor from Singita Grumeti Fund and provided with internship opportunities within the organization.

SUCCESS TO DATE: 90 Scholarships awarded for 2017