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The Irrepressible Charm of Baby Elephants

There is something universally amusing about the antics of young elephant calves; their short, stocky bodies, unwieldy trunks and ears, stubby tusks and the shock of hair that sprouts on their heads combine to produce a very comical creature.

Elephant calf by Ross Couper (C)

As a member of the Big 5, elephants are of course very popular with visitors to Singita, and spotting a small calf bumbling through the grass is always a huge highlight of any game drive. Our field guides love to share these moments with guests and often capture them on film, and usually to very funny affect. Here is a selection of these delightful clips from our Vimeo channel that shows these little buffoons of the bush in action:

Curious calf

Little ellies are well known for their curious nature, and will often approach a game vehicle under the watchful eyes of their elders. This little chap had a brief sniff of the 4x4's front grille and then scampered off after his mother into the roadside scrub.

How does this work?

It's always rather funny watching a young elephant testing out its unique nose. Drinking from the waterhole is often particularly tricky as it starts to figure out how to use the thousands of muscles in its trunk to get the water from the pool to their mouths (apparently the trick is to just dive in face first!).

King of the jungle

Calves are the centre of attention in their family groups and rely on their mothers for as long as three years. This can make them a little too self-assured, as you'll see in this clip which shows a young elephant showing a bush who's boss!

You can subscribe to our Vimeo channel to see more wildlife clips and short films from Singita, or catch up on the monthly Field Reports from our 12 lodges and camps to see more of this continent's incredible flora and fauna.


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