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Get to Know Us: Singita Pamushana's Golden Oldies

There are three things that sum up what it means to be a part of the Singita team: purpose; pursuing excellence in your choice of career; and working in a fully empowered way. These core motivators, along with a passion for Africa and its conservation, are embodied in all our staff and perhaps never more so than in those who have lived and breathed this “Place of Miracles” for large parts of their lives. Today we invite you to meet four members of our Singita Pamushana Lodge family:


One of our longest serving members is Moses Mafanele, also known as the “the original Shangaan”, who started out at the Malilangwe Trust. He’s come a long way since joining the lodge kitchen as a porter in 2000. Almost 15 years (and several roles later), Moses is now chef de partie.

Estere Mango (L) and Moses Mafanele (R) Estere Mango (L) and Moses Mafanele (R)

The 1st of June holds special significance for housekeeping supervisor, Estere Mango. On that date in 1998 she started out as the lodge housekeeper. On the same date last year, she was promoted to supervisor. Coincidently – and perhaps best of all – 1 June is also the birthday of her eldest child.

Tichaedza “Tich” Zinyemba, who also started out in the housekeeping department in 2010, was promoted in May last year and became the newest member of the Singita Pamushana banakelis. Known for her infectious giggle, Tich keeps the rest of the team on their toes and performing to their highest standards.

Tichaedza Zinyemba (L) and Poilani Jamitas Jojo (R) Tichaedza Zinyemba (L) and Poilani Jamitas Jojo (R)

Poilani “Polly” Jamitas Jojo is the unofficial master of the lodge dining areas, leading other waiters by example and encouraging hard work and dedication in his younger teammates. Having worked at the Malilangwe Trust since 1999, Polly spent eight years honing his craft before taking on his role at the lodge. He is affectionately called “Madala” (old man) and is the proud father of a second-generation Singita staff member, David, one of property’s newest trackers.

These four remarkable people, and all of their colleagues, are part of an extended family. Through their collective hard work, they contribute daily to Singita’s enduring purpose.

Singita Pamushana Lodge, Zimbabwe Singita Pamushana Lodge, Zimbabwe

Singita offers a diverse range of work opportunities. Whether you studied business, or hospitality, Singita is a place where you will learn, grow and work together with an incredible team, to achieve a greater purpose. Visit our Careers section on Singita's website to find out more.

Singita Pamushana Lodge is a remarkable example of the company's ecotourism philosophy: enabling guests to share the magic of the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve, while helping to foster the sustainability of the wildlife and broader ecology in the region. Please explore our website to learn more about one of Africa’s most exclusive, remote hideaways.


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