The Singita Grumeti Fund anti-poaching team is made up of 120 dedicated scouts.   These scouts patrol the 350,000-acre private concession and are based in 12 scout camps and in 12 observation posts (OP) dotted across the reserve.  Each OP is manned by two scouts who are constantly surveying the area for any unusual activity. This could be poachers coming through the protected area or vehicles that do not belong to the company or a herd of cattle entering the area or an animal in distress.

The scouts are responsible for quickly identifying any incursions and reporting them to the rest of the anti-poaching team who can then act accordingly. Two scouts are stationed at the OP for one week at a time.  They share responsibilities of cooking, cleaning and most importantly making sure that one person is on the look-out at all times.

Guests have the opportunity to visit OP 7, situated atop a hill with an incredible sunset view over the vast grassy plains below.

The experience for Singita guests includes meeting the Singita Grumeti Fund game scouts and seeing how they live and work.  At the OP there is an infographic board which your guide can talk you through.  It shows the main areas of focus for the Singita Grumeti Fund, as well as specific facts and figures associated with the success of protecting this area. The combination of a morning coffee or late afternoon drinks stop makes it a great location to truly absorb the beauty of the landscape but also take in the scale and importance of the work of the Singita Grumeti Fund anti-poaching unit.


Note: The walk up to OP7 is on a steep dirt path. Good walking shoes are recommended.


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