Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita

A horseback ride over the vast plains of the Serengeti is an exhilarating experience transporting you to the charm and nostalgia of days gone by. Singita Grumeti offers Africa’s most exclusive horseback safari experience, where guests can roam over 350 000 acres of exclusive-use concession in Tanzania’s magnificent Serengeti. Equestrian safaris are ideally suited to more experienced riders and take guests on a journey of exploration to some of the Reserve’s most remote and romantic sites.

Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita

Martin Dodwell, a member of our dedicated team who run the Singita Equestrian Centre at Singita Sasakwa Lodge, has sent us an update on the recent migration activity in the Serengeti and the game they have spotted on their regular outrides with guests:

“The month of July provided us with perfect riding conditions as the wildebeest arrived, grazing across the plains and clipping the grass, allowing for faster-paced riding. Our first guest ride to Singita Faru Faru Lodge was particularly spectacular, as we rode across Sasakwa Plain with herds of antelope and giraffe, before crossing the Grumeti River and viewing elephant, buffalo and lion all in one ride!

Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita

In early September, we took a four-night safari to Singita Explore in the Maji region, where the grass is fresh and short, offering excellent ground conditions for riding. Our group comprised four guests from Ireland who have ridden in Kenya and Botswana, and were happy to report that our horseback safari is the best they had ever experienced.

Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita

Later in the month, we took some guests to explore the Ikorongo Game Reserve while based at another Singita Explore camp near Lion Rocks. We rode across the main road near to Muchuli Hills and out onto open plains with short, green grass. We traveled more than 10km into the Reserve and were lucky enough to ride alongside huge herds of zebra and buffalo. The guests were so impressed with the riding terrain that they have booked a return safari with friends for next year.”

Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita Horseback Safaris in the Serengeti | Singita

The Singita Equestrian Centre is located at the top of Sasakwa hill, very close to Singita Sasakwa Lodge overlooking the endless plains of the Serengeti. The stables are home to 18 magnificent horses, ranging from 15.1 to 16.3 hands in height. The stables are superbly well maintained and the horses all in excellent condition. All the horses have been carefully selected for temperament and pace and include South African Boerperd, an indigenous African breed, Thoroughbreds, and a variety of cross breeds.

To find out more, please visit our website or email to get further details from our Equestrian Manager.

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